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Quick Order Special Discount 快閃大特價


Our supplier has a special discount on the following items. Don't know how many stock they still have so I will place order on Monday before 12:00pm. So if you want any of them, please order at once and before Monday (2017-03-20). If the stock is not enough for all orders, first ordered first gets.
Game of 49    $200
Haspelknecht (Capstone Edition)    $350
Valiant Universe Deck Building Game    $320
Ghostbusters: the Board Game    $530
Mad Science Foundation    $140
New Earth    $250
Continental Divide    $300
Morocco    $350
Heir to the Pharaoh    $300
Bardagi    $350
Sangoku    $310
Xalapa    $270
Perfect Alibi    $190
Viceroy    $220
Praetor    $340
Chicken Cha Cha Cha    $230
Mogul    $180
Temporum    $260
Gaia    $160
Unita    $200
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