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2017-05-02 最新情報


1. Tobago - 已停印,不知會否再印。
It is out of print now, not know if it will be reprinted again or not.
2. Aeon's End Kickstarter - KS 没有合理的價錢,所以只會購入 Retail version $370。
The price of its KS edition is not reasonable so we will import its retail version only $370
3. Concordia - 似乎五月有重印。
Seems will be reprinted in May
4. Arkham Horror LCG expansion packs - 將會一至兩星期到貨。
Will arrive at HK in one or two weeks.
4. Brass Kickstarter - 將會有代訂,等待報價。
We will have pre-order for it, waiting for quoting its price.
5. Great Western Trail - 全部售清,未知何時 Restock。
My supplier has sold out all its stock. Not know its restock date.
6. Unicornus Knights (by AEG) - 美國出街日期 8月17 日
Release date in US is Aug 17th.
7. Blood Rage: 5th Player expansion - 斷貨已久,供應商又有貨了。
My supplier has stock on it again. Can order it now.
8. Container 10th Anniversary Edition - 會由 Mercury Games 在 Kickstarter 集資推出。
Will be in Kickstarter by Mercury soon.
9.. Arkham Horror LCG: Countless Terrors 1-4 Player Gamemat - 又可訂購了。
Can order it from supplier again.
10. Watson & Holmes - 供應商已有貨,可代訂,一星期到港。
My supplier has stock now, can order it. Will arrive at HK in one wek.