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Pre-order: Lords of Hellas (Kickstarter)(2 Waves)


本公司 Board Game Base 將於預訂以下貨品,預計大約2017年11月到港。(Wave 1)
Wave 2: 2018年5月
We, Board Game Base, will pre-order the below item. The expected arrival date will be 2017-11 (Wave 1)
Wave 2: 2018-05
預訂於 2017-06-27 完結。售價回復至零售價。請於完結後一星期內付款。
The pre-order will be ended on 2017-06-27, please pay the order within one week after the this date.
All will include the Leonidas.
Lords of Hellas --- 零售價 HK$1070 預訂價 HK$870
Lords of Hellas: Mythic Collection --- 零售價 HK$1520 預訂價 HK$1300
Lords of Hellas: Titan Pledge (All-In) --- 零售價 HK$2300 預訂價 HK$1950
- 交收方法:地鐵站交收 (星期一至五晚,荔枝角至坑口, 至尖沙咀,星期六日時間另議)

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