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Quick Order Special Discount 快閃大特價 2017-06-30


供應商突然公布以下貨物大特價。不知貨量多少,所以會於星期五晚上(2017-06-30) 7 時下單,先到先得。
Our supplier has a special discount on the following items. Don't know how many stock they still have so I will place order on Monday before 12:00pm. So if you want any of them, please order at once at 7pm Friday (2017-06-30). If the stock is not enough for all orders, first ordered first gets.


Fealty    $200
ManaSurge    $100
Harald    $120
Key to the City – London    $390
Princes of the Renaissance    $340
Drum Roll    $280
Fog of War    $350
Sola Fide The Reformation    $260
Code 777 30th Anniversary Limited Ed    $270
Pictomania    $190
My Village    $280


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