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2018-06-13 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Nemesis KS - 它的 Pledge Manager 已開,在確定運費後將會加入 All-In Sundrop 組合到本店 Online Store,已下單的朋友可轉為此組合。
Its Pledge Manager has started. After we confirm the shipping cost, we will add a new All-In Sundrop set to our online store. If you have ordered its other item before, can change to this set.

2. SDJ Kid Award: Dragon's Breath (Funkelschatz) $200 - SDJ 官方在六月十一日已宣布此 Game 取得 SDJ Kid Award. 已看它的 video,火龍噴火熔冰塔,大家估哪些寶石會從塔中跌出來,簡單而有趣,配件吸引,可成為 Party Game 或 Warm Up Game,將會引入,可預訂。
SDJ has announced this game got SDJ Kid Award on June 11th. Just watched its video, active player is a dragon, before he burns the ice tower, each player pick a color. Color gems dropped from the tower and you get what you guessed. It is a simple and interesting game with pretty components. It should be a good party game or a warm up game too. Will import it soon and you can preorder it now.

3. Asmodee Quick Order - 2018-06-13

4. GKR: Urban Wasteland - 此擴充,報價中。
We are quoting its price now.

5. Crowbox Quick Order - 2018-06-14

6. US Quick Order - 2018-06-15

7. Blocky Mountains $320 - 終於重印了,新版有一樣的木配件,新增了玩法,加多了一些卡牌,改了出版社 (Noris) 和 Artwork,快會上架,可預訂。
Finally it has been reprinted now. The new version has the same wooden parts, added gameplays, included more cards, changed new artwork and a new publisher (Noris). Will add it to our online store soon, can preorder it.