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2018-09-27 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. First Martians - 供應商大特價 $300
Our suppliers have special discount on it, $300

2. Spirit Island and expansion - 運港中。
Shipping to HK now

3. Root and Riverfolk expansion - 預計11月到港。
Hope they will arrive in Nov.

4. Carpe Diem $320 - Stefan Feld 新作,德國已出,希望十月尾到港。請即預訂
It has released in Germany. Hope it will arrive at HK in Oct. Please order it before all sold out.

5. Welcome To ... $180 - 運港中。
Shipping to HK now.

6. Dark Souls: The Board Game's expansions - 供應商已有貨,請即預訂
Our suppliers have the below expansions now, can order.

Dark Souls: The Board Game - Darkroot Expansion

Dark Souls: The Board Game - Asylum Demon Expansion

Dark Souls: The Board Game - Black Dragon Kalameet Expansion

7. Dark Souls: The Card Game - 供應商已有貨,請即預訂
Our suppliers have stock now. If you have not ordered, please do it at once.

8. Terraforming Mars - 供應商已又有存貨,運港中。
Our suppliers have stock again, shipping to HK now.