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Pre-order: Wizard Kittens: A Magical Card Game! (Enchanted Pledge)(Kickstarter)


身為愛貓之人,很難避免看看有關 Kittens 的 games。一看之下就變了這個 KS Pre-order 出來。他們還邀請了 Root 內的 Marquise de Cat 和 Bargain Quest 內的 Orion 來客串演出,更加吸引。(如果他們來找 Board Game Base, 小虎會立即出動!)
As a cat lover, hard to avoid checking those games related to Kittens. After checked their KS page, I created this pre-order at once. They also loaned the Marquise de Cat from Root and Orion from Bargain Quest, made the game more attractive. (If they asked Board Game Base to loan a cat for them, sure will give Little Tiger to them, interest free!)

We now will pre-order the below item. The expected arrival date will be 2020-03

Wizard Kittens: A Magical Card Game! (Enchanted Pledge)(Kickstarter) 一 零售價 (List Price) $300 預訂價 (Pre-order price) $260


預訂於 2019-04-20 完結。。售價回復至零售價。請於完結後一星期內付款。
The pre-order will be ended on 2019-04-20 and the pre-order price will not be offered anymore. Please pay the order within one week.

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Hang Seng Bank
Name: Base 23 Technology

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