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2019-04-08 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Secret Hitler $400 - 運港中。
Shipping to HK now.

2. Bosk $320 - 7月出街,可預訂。
July release, can preorder it now.

3. Gloomhaven New reprint $1050 - 已到貨。
It is in stock now.

4. Tiny Towns $300 - 美國供應商已有貨,已看 video review,相信會是AEG又一大賣之作。
US suppliers have stock now. Already watched its video review, it may become AEG's another hot item.

5. Wingspan 3rd print $400 - 第三Print已出,運港中,數天到港。
Not know where is the 2nd print but its 3rd print is shipping to HK now. Will arrive in few days.

6. New items - 可預訂
Can order:
The City of Kings: Dice
The City of Kings: Quick Setup trays
The City of Kings: Ancient Allies and Vadoran Gardens Upgrade Kits
The City of Kings Adventurer
The City of Kings: Character Pack 1: Yanna & Kuma
The City of Kings: Character Pack 2: Rapuil & Neoba
The City of Kings: Deluxe
The City of Kings: Hero Pack
The City of Kings: Side Quest Pack
Deep Space D-6

7. Next Quick Order: 2019-04-09 -

Arboretum Deluxe Edition $260
Call to Adventure $320
The Mind (English Edition) $100
Saboteur: The Lost Mines $180
One Night Ultimate Super Villains $160
Cryptid $260
Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid $350