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2017-05-11 最新情報

1. Le Havre --- 2017, July 6
2. Fields of Green --- 2017, May

2017-04-19 to 22 Scythe stuff New Arrival

We will inform you about your arrived items and arrange the pick up with you soon.


The new arrival list:


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2017-05-06 最新情報

1. Century: Spice Road --- 德文版會於2至3星期到港,尚餘少量發售。英文 rulebook 可在以下連結下載。

Rival Kings (Episode 71) 玩一次 by Board Game Base

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2017-05-02 最新情報

1. Tobago - 已停印,不知會否再印。
It is out of print now, not know if it will be reprinted again or not.

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