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2017-9-15 最新情報


1. Tiny Epic Quest Deluxe - 已全部售罄,四個月後才有重印。
All have been sold out. Supplier said they will have it again after 4 months.

2. Champions of Midgard - 已又到貨。
It is in stock again.

3. Champions of Midgard: The Expansions (KS Jarl Level) - 已到貨,快售罄。
It is in stock now, few copies left.

4. Viticulture Essential - 已到貨。
It is in stock now.

5. The Pillars of the Earth English version by KOSMOS - 終於重印了,十一月推出,可預訂。
Finally its English version will be reprinted. Will be released in Nov.

6. Kings of Israel - 已斷市,2018會重印。
It is out of print now, will be reprinted in 2018.

7. Okanagan The Valley of Lakes - Matagot 新作,十月推出。
New game from Matagot, it will be released in Oct.

8. Troyes and Ladies of Troyes - 又再運港中,兩星期到,可預訂。
Next shipment will arrive in 2 weeks. Can preorder.

9. Downforce - Formula D + Camel Up?  GenCon 好評 game 之一,運港中。

10. Mint Delivery KS $80 - 將會有預訂推出。
Will post its preorder soon.

11. Cerebria - The Inside World KS - 將會有預訂推出。
Will post its preorder soon.

12. Codenames: Duet - Codenames 新玩法,合作模式,全部售罄。新貨運港中,請預訂。

13. Keyper Character Edition KS - 十月貨到,將會有預訂推出。
It may arrive in Oct, will post its preorder soon.

14. Unauthroized - 一隻不用講大話的 Resistance 類 Party Game,支援 6 至 12 人,運港中,可預訂。
A Resistance style game without tell lie, supports 6 to 12 players. Shipping to HK now, can preorder.