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2018-10-12 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Der Brettspiel - Adventskalender 2018 - 供應商已有貨,可訂。

Our supplier has stock now, can order


2. Coimbra $420 - 第一水已到並全售罄,第二水於兩星期後到港。

Its 1st shipment has been sold out before it hit the ground of HK. Its 2nd shipment will arrive in about 2 weeks. 


3. Special Discount (due to Essen?) - 又是執平貨的時候,剛發現供應有以下存貨大減價,今晚會先下一單,下周一再下第二次。相信他們想清倉迎 Essen 吧!

Just found a supplier has some items dropped prices. Will place an order tonight and then place a 2nd one next Mon. Seems they want to get more space for the Essen new games.


Loony Quest (German Edition) $160

Gaia (German Edition) $130

Princes of the Renaissance $220

Carcassonne: Uber Stock und Stein (German Edition) $150

Russian Railroads (German Edition) $250

First Class (German Edition) $220

Bretagne $220

Die Baumeister des Colosseum $180

Bunny Bunny Moose Moose (German Edition) $70


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4. Next US Quick Order: 2018-10-15, next Monday