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快閃下單預警 Quick Order Alert 2018-10-15


大家不論玩BG和做事都要有計劃,所以訂 Game 亦然。本店將定期發佈將臨的下單計劃,歡迎加入。請到本網站下單或 Whatsapp 報價。
No matter playing BG, working, studying, we need to have a plan, so as we order our new BG. Now we will announce our next orders to our suppliers regularly in our website so it may help you to plan your next BG purchase. You are welcome to join our shipment and please order it in our online store or Whatsapp me for a quote.

Next expected order date:

2018-10-15 US order - AEG, GMT, Rio Grande, Renegade, TMG, Amigo, Stonemaier, Corvus Belli, Stronghold, Upper Deck, Game Salute, IDW, Queen Games, Indie Games, Weta:


Whistle Stop: Rocky Mountains
Werewords Deluxe
Cursed Court
Minute Realms
Cuba Libre 3rd print
Falling Sky
Falling Sky: Ariovistus
Spirit Island
Raiders of the North Sea: Hall of Heroes
Dominant Species