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2019-01-31 最新 BG 情報 BG News


1. Blackout: Hong Kong (German Edition) - 運港中。
It is shipping to HK now.

2. Escape Tales: The Awakening $270 - Board & Dice 只許美國批發商售給美國 Retailers,唯有從其他較貴的地方入口,價錢加至$270.
Board & Dice has restricted US distributors to sell it out of US, so we only can importbit from another source. Its price increased to $270 now.

3. Fields of Green: Grand Fair - 運港中。
Shipping to HK now.

4. Reavers of Midgard Mat $230 - 已加到網店上,可預訂。
Added it in our site, can pre-order it.

5. One Week Ultimate Werewolf - 已在美國推出,可訂。
Released in US, can order it now.

6. Prêt-à-porter - 這隻 2011 的 Portal 絕版 Game 將會登綠 KS,新配件、新美工 (由 Dinosaur Island, Catacombs, and Flipships 的設計師負責)
This 2011 Portal game will be on KS in 2019 with brand new components and a stunning artworks from an industry veteran Kwanchai Moriya (artist for Dinosaur Island, Catacombs, and Flipships).

7. Reykholt - 運港中。
It has been released in US and is shipping to HK now.

8. Escape from the Hidden Castle - 舊 game Midnight Party 重出,可訂。
Reprinted the old game Midnight Party by Wolfgang Kramer, released in US, can order it now.

9. That's Pretty Clever $140 - 運港中。
Shipping to HK now.